Reception: an essential mission

For monks, welcoming people is an essential mission. With this in mind, the monks receive their guests in the monastery guest house – which is not an hotel.

Some people come, alone or in groups (schools, various associations), to devote a few days to reflection and prayer. The guests can undertake a retreat unaccompanied or can ask for the spiritual guidance of a monk. Some of those on retreat share the rhythm of monastic life, taking part in the monk’s prayer. Others prefer what is offered at the Camps – near the Molignée. This way of life provides a setting which is calm, conductive to reflection and prayer, yet is in direct contact with nature.

There are also many pilgrims who ask to meet the Fathers of the Pilgrimage of Saint Benedict, in order to receive a blessing, to talk about their problems in confidence and to be given counselling. Pilgrims can be confident of a warm welcome and of being listened to with attention and respect.

You are free to drop in at the Saint Joseph’s Visitor Centre or to go for a walk in the surrounding area.