The library


The library

The library is a private establishment serving members of the monastic community. But people such as teachers, specialists, students, can use it if they ask. Thanks to this library, the monks can undertake certain publications (books and reviews).

The contents (books and periodicals) total about 400,000 items. The most important department concerns religious science : the Bible, Theology, Liturgy, Patrology, ecclesiastical law, the history of the Church, monastic history. We also provide other sections about the activities of the Abbey. Thanks to the school (since 1881), we have developed subjects such as Greek, French, and Latin literature. Thanks to the school of Art (1903-1964), we have developed history of art, painting, sculpture and architecture.

Alongside the scientific work of the monks of the community and the development of the Revue Bénédictine and its Bulletin d’histoire bénédictine and Bulletin de la Bible latine, the library has specialized in the following fields: Bible, Latin patrology, liturgy, history Benedictine. It also has good sections in classical and French literature, and in art history.

In order to make its heritage known, the library undertook in 2007 the computerization of its catalog in partnership with the Libraries of the Catholic University of Louvainand the Louvain Academy. In 2010, she had her map file of monographs and journals digitized by Informatique & Bible, which makes it available on this site.