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La Revue Bénédictine

La  Revue Bénédictine (since 1884) is a scientific periodical of ecclesiastical history and literature. It is published twice a year (over 500 pages). It publishes orignal texts and studies in French, English, German and Italian, reviews of recently published works, as well as two bibliographical bulletins. The “Bulletin d’histoire bénédictine” (Mr. Fabian Wautelet) accompanies each issue in the form of a separate fascicle; the “Bulletin de la Bible latine” (Dom P.-M. Bogaert) appears every two years in the Revue in the form of articles.

Please find below our subscription plans and instructions for authors:

  • Paper (journal and bulletin) for Belgium 135 €
  • Paper (journal and bulletin) for other countries 150 €
  • Paper (journal and bulletin) through a bookseller-agent 170 €

  • Paper (journal and bulletin) and online access 200 € htva
  • Online access without the newsletter 145 € htva

Booklets are sent only after receipt of payment.

For the purchase of several volumes or a complete collection (paper only), significant reduction. To request a price, contact the Secretariat of “La Revue Bénédictine.

For orders and inquiries, contact:

Print, with the Bulletin and online access
Online access only without the Bulletin

Begijnhof 67
B – 2300 TURNHOUT (Belgium)
Phone. : +32 14 44 80 30 / Fax: +32 14 42 89 19

Abonnement papier (avec le Bulletin)
Print only (with the Bulletin)
Maredsous Abbey
B – 5537 Denée (Belgium)
Phone. : +32 82 698 277
New email address:

New International Bank Account Number :
BNP Paribas Fortis
IBAN : BE12 2500 0634 4592
TVA n° BE 0407.585.882


La Revue Bénédictine publishes articles on Benedictine patristics and monastic history; these articles, implementing philological and historical methods, must constitute an original contribution to research and cannot have been published previously or simultaneously elsewhere.

Articles can be written in English, French, German and Italian. The author will attach a summary of about ten lines in the language of composition and, if possible, in English. This summary will not be printed, but will be used to find the article on la Revue Bénédictine website and online.

In addition, for detailed online referencing, authors are asked (as of 2018) to provide a bibliographic list of the works cited in the article, distinguishing :

1. Manuscripts and archives ;

2. Printed sources ;

3. Work.

The author will clearly indicate his surname, first name, function, professional address. With a view to sending proofs and reprints, the editorial office should be informed of the useful postal address and, where applicable, any change in this address.
The article sent to the editor will be read by members of the reading committee. La Revue Bénédictine may subject its acceptance to adaptations or improvements suggested by this committee. It gives its response as soon as possible, at the latest within three months of receipt of the manuscript.

When the article is accepted, la Revue Bénédictine needs the electronic copy and the hard copy of the article in its final form from the author’s point of view. The editor is responsible for putting it in style according to the uses of the journal.

The author who entrusts an article to la Revue Bénédictine thereby authorizes the journal to introduce the document on other media, in particular electronic. Brepols Publishers ensures the exclusive online distribution of articles.

For any reprint or other printing of the article, the author must obtain the written permission of la Revue Bénédictine (at the earliest three years after the first publication) and respect the rights of Brepols Publishers.

The author of the article will receive 25 reprinted copies of his text free of charge. They will be sent to his postal address. Additional copies may be requested, subject to payment.