Jubilee of Maredsous Abbey 1872- 2022



Maredsous Abbey celebrates its 150th anniversary in 2022. It was on 15 October 1872 that the first Benedictine monks arrived in Denée to re-establish Benedictine life in our region, which had been suppressed by the French Revolution. The monks came from Beuron in Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

The abbey is built in the Gothic style and welcomes many vocations. Maredsous soon gained importance in the church and in the country. In addition to prayer and the service of God, the monks dedicate themselves to teaching, scientific research, missions and welcoming pilgrims.

After 150 years, the abbey has retained and developed the first options. The community has 27 members and has forged strong links with its foundation in Rwanda; the Saint-Benoît college has 280 pupils and 50 teachers and educators; scientific and biblical research continues thanks to the publication of the Benedictine Review, the Maredsous Bible and a library of more than 500,000 volumes; the welcome given to pilgrims has been extended to tourists, who make Maredsous one of the most visited places in Wallonia. Finally, the abbey has become an important place for employment in the region.

We associate the anniversary of the abbey with the death in 1923 of Blessed Columba Marmion, 3rd abbot of Maredsous.

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14 June 2024

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