New website

New website

On the feast of St. Benedict, our website is getting a makeover.

After more than a decade of good and loyal service, our site had to contribute to the jubilee of the abbey’s 150th anniversary by offering its many visitors a version that is better adapted to new technological means and practices.

While retaining the essential factual data of the previous site, this one renews its general presentation in harmony with the other sectors of the abbey, the Centre d’accueil Saint-Joseph and the Collège Saint-Benoît.

No doubt there are still typos in the transcript, and we would be grateful for any suggestions or remarks to our webmaster.


Permanent exhibition

« MAREDSOUS, HIER, AUJOURD’HUI, DEMAIN… » A new permanent exhibition is freely accessible to the public from 2 July 2022, under the Esplanade Portico. Through

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